Ava Pump


• Split black suede sole
• High impact Poron insoles
• Seamless toe
• Pre-lasted arch profile
• Elastic ankle loops
• Higher secure heel

The fit of these pumps is quite small so please take this into account when ordering.

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The Ava pump has been designed with soft leather uppers which form to the foot very quickl.They have a pre-lasted arch shape so they hug the foot and show off the dancer’s point beautifully!
The Ava pump has a higher back (similar to the Hullachan H4) and is a great choice for dancers who have had issues with pumps falling down at the heel.
The pump has the same toe shape as the popular Hullachan range.
The Ava looks very tidy and neat on the foot and comes fitted with ankle eyelets and elastic side loops for a close elegant fit around the ankle.
The Ava is also fitted with high impact Poron insoles to protect your joints and is designed to absorb landing impact and reduce fatigue, allowing you to dance at optimal levels for longer.
An amazing pump for Intermediate or Open dancers at a very competitive price.

The fit of these pumps is quite small so please take this into account when ordering.

Ava Sizing Guide

Please measure the length of your foot and refer to the guidelines below for what size to order.

This guide is designed for the intermediate dancer. You may want to go a half size larger if you are a beginner or for a smaller size if you are an open dancer.

The measurements given are for the foot length recommended for each size and DOES NOT indicate the length of the pump as your toes should be slightly curled when first worn.

Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee the correct fit.

To use: Measure your foot and choose the closest size to that measurement. If your foot measurement is between lengths then adjust for your type of foot or preferred fit.
For example, if you have a wide foot, a high instep or are a beginner then go for the size above your foot measurement. If you have a narrow foot or like your pumps very tight to begin with, then go for the size below your measurement.

Ava Size

Foot Measurement

5 129
6 135
7 142
8 152
8.5 156
9 160
9.5 164
10 170
10.5 173
11 178
11.5 181
12 187
12.5 190
13 193
13.5 197
1 202
1.5 207
2 211
2.5 214
3 218
3.5 223
4 227
4.5 230
5 235
5.5 240
6 245
6.5 249
7 254
7.5 261
8 265

Please Note – Every dancer prefers their pumps to fit in a certain way. Some like them extra tight, others with a little room. Combine this with the fact that everyone’s feet are unique in terms of width, length, arch type and height and you can see why pump fitting can be difficult. Hence we only offer this sizing chart as a guide rather than a guaranteed fit.

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Baby 5, Baby 6, Baby 7, Child 8, Child 8.5, Child 9, Child 9.5, Child 10, Child 10.5, Child 11, Child 11.5, Child 12, Child 12.5, Child 13, Child 13.5, Child 1, Child 1.5, Child 2, Child 2.5, Child 3, Child 3.5, Child 4, Child 4.5, Child 5, Child 5.5, Adult 6, Adult 6.5, Adult 7, Adult 7.5


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