Neve Wig


The Névé Wig is our newest and fullest mid length/shoulder length wig.

This wig is a shorter version of our Amy full wig which is our curliest and fullest style of wig with an extra large cap.

The Névé Wig is the perfect style wig for dancers looking for an extra full look with lots of height and width as there’s extra space for donuts underneath the large cap. We recommend using at least 2-3 donuts with this wig style.



Colour Options

2 – Jet Black

4- Nearly Black

4/2/10 – Dark Brown Mix

6- Dark Brown

6/30- Dark Brown&Auburn Mix

8- Mid Brown

8/30- Mid Brown&Auburn Mix

10- Brown

12- Light Brown

12/30- Light Brown&Auburn Mix

14- Mousey Brown

16- Dark Blonde

24B/88A- 2 Tone Dark Blonde

24B/613A- 2 Tone Light Blonde

613A/613B – Light Blonde

613A- Platinum Blonde

26C- Strawberry Blond Mix

27- Strawberry Blonde

30- Auburn Red

31C- Auburn Red Mix

132C- Red

144A- Red

288- Red

291- Red

292- Red


Additional information


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 14/24, 24B/18, 27, 31C, 132C, 288, 24B613A, 24B88A, 613A, 613A613B, 16/22, 27/88a, 24B613B, 30